Weight Mangement. 


Stress and Anxiety.

Smoking can be a habit or addiction.
Either way hypnotherapy can retrain and reprogramme your mind to a healthy life style.
A one two hour session is all you need to stop you from smoking to lead a healthy and happy life.
Stress and anxiety is every where in our lves.
Some people seem to be able to cope better than others.
Hpnotherapy can help you become one of the others.
Learn relaxation and self hypnosis techniques, give your self the skills to deal with life pressures and stresses.
Self esteem and self confidence sometimes play a part in how we deal with stress and pressure.  Eitherway, in your initial consultation therapy is designed to suit you and your requirements.

Hypnotherapy is a poweful tool for weight loss.
Diets require you to use yor will power to stick and continue with a diet.
Hypnotherapy changes your patterns and desires  in your mind and makes weight mangement easy.
Learn new techniques and change your habits for life.
If you have tried many diets and found that you still need to loss weight then you definetly need to change and reprogramme your mind.

Removing Fears and phobias 

Fears and phobias can have a detremantal effect on a person's life and well being.
To the point that a person has to change their life to accomadate their fear and phobia.
Take back control of your life and of your fear/phobia, reprogramme your brain and live the life you choose to live.

Self Esteem and Confidence.

​Pain Relief

Having strong self esteem and confidence can have such a positive effect on our life and well being. Some people seem to be born with natural confidence and self esteem and for those of us that aren't it can be learnt and reprogrammed into our subconscious mind allowing us persue and live the life that we may dream of...... Make your dreams, wishes and desires come true. 
Ease your pain and discomfot and relax your mind and body.
Learn techniques so you can take control and ease your pain and discomfort. 100% Drug free relief.
Whatever the symptoms, migraine, arthritus, chronic fatigue symtoms, PMT, Hypnotherapy can give you the skills and ability to take control of your pain.