Weight Mangement. 


Stress and Anxiety.

Quit Smoking using Hypnotherapy and take back control.

Smoking can be a habit or addiction either way hypnotherapy can retrain and reprogram your mind to a healthier life-style.

A one off two hour session is all you need to stop you from smoking.

This smoking cessation looks at your unique patterns of behaviours, the specific benefits to you and reason why you want to Stop Now!
Stress and anxiety is everywhere in our lives.
Some people seem to be able to cope better than others.

Imagine being in control of those unpleasant, overwhelming feelings that seem to take over your mind and body.

Hypnotherapy can help reduce feelings of anxiety and stress, allowing you to deal with difficult situations in a calm, collected and controlled manner.

Learn relaxation and self hypnosis techniques; give yourself the skills to deal with life pressures.

Self esteem and self confidence can play a big part in how we deal with stress and anxiety.

In your Initial Consultation, the therapy offered will be specific to you and your requirements.

Hypnotherapy is a powerful tool for weight loss helping you to change your thought patterns and desires to make Weight Management easy.

Diets require you to use your will power and determination to stick and continue with a diet.

Learn new techniques and change your habits and reprogram your mind for life.

This weight management programme does not restrict any foods but encourages healthy eating, eating smaller portions, and reducing cravings for sugary, fatty foods.

Motivation for exercise and increasing metabolism can also be offered.
It is effective for client who overeat, comfort eat, crave certain foods and snack between meals.

Removing Fears and phobias 

Fears and phobias can have a detrimental effect on a person's life and well being.

Causing extreme anxiety to the point a person has to change their life to accommodate their fear and phobia.

Take back control of your life and of your fear/phobia, reduce the anxiety and stress, reprogram your brain and live the life you choose to live.

Self Esteem and Confidence.

Having strong self esteem and confidence can have such a positive effect on our life and well-being. Some people seem to be born with natural confidence and self esteem.

Imagine feeling confident, being assertive,
Saying‘No’instead of taking on more than you can cope with or agreeing to something that has no benefit to you.

We CAN change our behaviours and learn to be more assertive, confident and value our own needs. Using hypnotherapy we can change our way of thinking about ourselves being more positive, confident and allowing us to reach our full potential.

No more holding back! 

​Pain Relief

Ease your pain and discomfort and relax your mind and body.

Learn techniques so you can take control and ease your pain and discomfort.

Whatever the symptoms, migraine, arthritis, chronic fatigue symptoms, PMT, Hypnotherapy can give you the skills and ability to reduce symptoms of your pain.